Trikke Experiences

Downtown Project Sites Tour  - (30 mins)
This is by far our most popular Tour / Demo Ride option, allowing you to start out with a small commitment of both time, and money.  All of our Trikke Pon-E Rides start out with a 10 min rider orientation, so you can get your bearings before heading out on your Trikke riding experience in Downtown Las Vegas.  

We'll then spend a solid half hour zipping around in both the bike lane and on sidewalks, exploring the ease and freedom of utilizing Elekktric personal transportation to get around in an urban environment.

Full Loop Tour -  Discover the "other side" of Downtown! - (1 hr)

As usual,... You'll start out with a 10 min orientation. And then,... We'll head out on an hour long Pon-E Ride that we call, our "Personal Transportation Experience!", getting you up close and personal with some of Downtown's coolest new murals, courtesy of the "Life Is Beautiful" Festival.

Then, we'll hit the bike lane and open it up a bit as we literally head to the other side of the tracks to see some of the architectural high points of Downtown Vegas including The Smith Center (our beautiful, new performing arts center, done in classic art deco style)




Demo Ride - (30 mins)

Interested in trying out our body powered or electric Trikke Pon-E. Schedule a demo ride with us, it's a 30 min experience in an open lot.  Will provide you with riding instruction.  This demo is meant to provide you with an opportunity to really try out the vehicle so you can determine if it's something that would work for your lifestyle and needs. 

(Demo Ride charge applied toward vehicle purchase of $300 or more within 30 days of ride.)


Reservations required for Tours and demo rides


The Art Tour - Discover the Life is Beautiful Murals - (30 mins)

Starting with a 10 min Rider Orientation followed with a 30 min Trikke experience of the Rise Above art murals which now grace the Downtown area courtesy of the Life Is Beautiful Festival (Oct).  Mural artists from around the world were brought in to take part in offering Downtown Las Vegas an artistic face lift.  It's Awe-Inspiring!

Schedule your tour

Trikke Las Vegas @ the Container Park

707 E. Fremont St #1130 Las Vegas, NV 89101


  We'll check out several of the new sites and new opportunities available to you as part of this new Downtown revival. (....Including:  The Learning Village;  Goldspike ; The new Bunkhouse; Turntable Health; 9th Bridge School; the new Zappos HQ /old City Hall;  and some additional "Downtown Project sites")       Schedule your tour

Las Vegas Design Ctr (aka: World Market bldg) / Cleveland Brain Clinic - a Frank Gehry design, and more. (The phrase "photo op" comes to mind.) 

From there, we'll head back across the tracks as we cruise through the "working parts" of our city's downtown (the NEW City Hall, CLV Detention Center, the historic (mission style) 5th Street School, County Courthouse.  Then it's back back to the Container Park, for more music, food, and culture.  

Schedule your tour   (Up to $50 of the tour is applicable toward Elekktric vehicle purchase within 30 days (up to $100 total)              Each paid rider will receive a $5 voucher!

(Fall Touring times range from 9am - 7pm.  /  All Rides begin and end at our store in the new Container Park.) ​

Full Loop Tour -  with Picnic Lunch! - (1.5 hr)

It's the same Discover the "other side" of Downtown tour as above with an added Picnic Lunch at the Smith Center.  Once we arrive to the Smith Center, Rachel's Kitchen will roll up with your pre-ordered lunch delivery.  See lunch menuoptions. Lunch is included in the price.

Schedule your tour   (Up to $50 of the tour is applicable toward Elekktric vehicle purchase within 30 days (up to $100 total)


All Tours begin and end at the Trikke Las Vegas store at the Container Park.  Minimum age is 16.  

48 hour cancellation notice required.


The Art District Tour - Discover the Vegas Art Scene - (1 hour)

We'll start with our 10 min orientation, and then, we'll hit the bike lane and open it up a bit as we literally head to the other side of Downtown.  We're heading over to a very unique part of downtown.  This area is filled with vibrant,  talented artist, dining & entertainment.  In fact this is where First Friday is hosted on the first Friday of every month.   On the way back we'll hit the Life as Beautiful Murals to wrap up our art experience.  *Bonus - This tour comes with a $10 voucher good at Bar Bistroin the Arts District.Schedule your tour


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